Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Bordeaux Winetrail Bike Tour – Good Reasons for a Cycling Holiday – Part 2

A Tour for Lovers of Wine This was the 2nd tour that we designed. Running the Dordogne tour in 1997 awoke my interest in wine, and inevitably I started reading about the wines of Bordeaux, the greatest wine producing region in the world. My first plan was to visit the main regions of Bordeaux wine… Read more

The Loire Valley Bike Tour – Good Reasons for a Cycling Holiday – Part 1

Good Reasons to Choose a Cycling Tour in The Loire Valley First off, the Loire Valley. It’s relatively flat, which usually means not such nice scenery, and certainly Provence, the Dordogne, Tuscany and Umbria are all more beautiful. But there is a lot more to look forward to on a Loire Valley Bike Tour. The… Read more

Wines, Vines and Good Times – Wine Tasting in South London

Last night I went along to the inaugural meeting of ‘Wines, Vines and Good Times’. Rubbish name, but a very nice lady called Ruth setting up a wine appreciation club in Balham, London. Last night was just an introduction – so all the wines were on the house – and Ruth had chosen sparkling wines… Read more

Lance Armstrong – Tour de France – He’s Quite Good At Cycling Too

In last month’s issue of ‘Pro Cycling’ there was a little snippet about Lance Armstrong, particularly about a 6-minute clip on YouTube. We all know about Lance on a bike. Back in the ‘90s we had 5 years of Miguel Indurain winning the Tour de France with a very clever and well-executed game plan. He… Read more