An Extraordinary Looking Bike

Last Friday, Pete and I met up with Toby, our newest guide.

A lovely evening, naturally, and we talked about our hopes and expectations for the summer, but the most interesting thing was this extraordinary bike which Toby spotted chained to the railings outside.

No chain, see?

I thought it must be a hand-made one-off built by some engineering student, but apparently not. They’re imported from Denmark by this bloke we met in the pub, and it seems they’re made by a company called biomega.

It was a thing of beauty, I just think it looks so cool to have a bike with no chain, no oil, no derailleurs, just a beautiful, clean drive shaft.

I’ve been reading a bit about them today. Apparently, they lose up to 5% over chain-driven bikes in efficiency, but who cares? I want one – my birthday is February 2nd, by the way, and I don’t mind waiting.

2 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Looking Bike

  1. Mike Dugdale

    Hi Bern,
    Never mind the lack of chain, is that a pannier rack with no support struts? An engineering marvel!
    If anyone knows where to get them from, my birthday is much sooner than Bernie’s (1st June)

  2. Simon Hedger

    Happy birthday, Mike – there was no harm in asking.

    And nothing wrong in dodgy beards, Bernard. I had one for years. Might even grow it back for when I weave through the vineyards of Bordeaux in August.

    Regards to all,



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