I received a sobering message yesterday from one of the Chain Gang’s loveliest customers, Marjorie Trundle. “Are you still alive?” was the basic jist of it, because I’ve been so lazy with blog updates and newsletters.

It’s a fair criticism, and one I intend to address. Months ago I set a competition about knowing where French towns and cities were. I offered a prize for anybody who could beat my score, and inevitably somebody did.

The trouble is the prize represents some work for me – I have to assemble a specific set of tools in a tool roll, which need ordering in. And until I’ve sorted that out I”ve allowed the issue of Newsletters to fall by the wayside.

But, not beyond the wit of man, so that is part of today’s job so that I can get on with proper Chain Gang updates, Newsletters, etc. Pathetic really, but sadly true.

We do have some news. We had a profitable 2010 which finally gave me the confidence to launch a long-held dream of hunting for truffles in the Dordogne.

And we’ve published our 2011 programme already, available from our website.

I’ve just come back from visiting an old friend, Chienhsing, in China. Invigorated and ready for action. So thanks for the nudge, Marjorie, and watch this space.

One thought on “Inactivity

  1. Marjorie Trundle

    Hi Bernard, I didn’t realize I had opened a can of worms. I just love reading your wonderful newsletters and when I sit and think back on my wonderful holidays with the Chaingang, your newsletters revive the memories. So as I was in the middle of an assignment about the chronic illnesses of the western world, procrastination lead me to the Chaingang web site and that was when I discovered no new newsletters. Thank-you for responding so quickly. I look forward to the next one. Cheers, Marjorie


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