Cycling In The Loire Valley

Earlier this year Roberto Peixoto came on another Chain Gang bike tour, this time to the Loire Valley. Roberto is a photo and video nut, which works out well for me. He took video footage throughout the week and edited a clip for YouTube which you can enjoy below.

Many of you will already have heard of Roberto because I’ve used many of his photos in the past, and of course there’s a few dozen of you who have cycled with him, in Tuscany, in the Loire Valley, in the Dordogne, or in Provence.

I’ll be posting more of Roberto’s videos in the next few months, so if you enjoy this one, please let me know.

Especially if you’re in it!

2 thoughts on “Cycling In The Loire Valley

  1. Sam Ward

    Rob’s video brings back wonderful memories of a once in a lifetime trip in the Loire Valley. We are hoping to do our fourth Chain Gang trip in 2013.
    Dominique and Sam Ward

  2. Mariandl Krooshof

    Love it, love it, love it, I so can’t wait, c’mon July hurry up, want to cycle in the Loire Valley, cheers Mariandl :)


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