Monthly Archives: July 2013

It’s not a Jersey, it’s a Maillot!

Since our last Newsletter we’ve received our new cycling jerseys for 2013. ‘Jersey’ is such an unsporty word! It suggests something your Grandma might buy you, or something to keep you warm with holes in the elbow. Our jerseys are for sporting superheroes (that’s you and me), so I much prefer to use the French… Read more

An Amazing, And Fun, Cycling Video

There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing various bike stunts, but I’d like to tell you about a couple of my favourites, before you click on the embedded video below. 1. The Vélibs in Paris. Some comedians-cum-stunt riders have taken the Vélib Paris bikes and filmed themselves doing stunts. I love the Vélibs, as… Read more

Photo Gallery of Provence – 2013

This month we’ve a brand-new gallery from Provence, courtsey of The Chain Gang’s favourite Brazilian Roberto Peixoto. I haven’t tried to organise these photos, or to label them. When I looked through them, I just ‘click click clicked’ my way through them, and I enjoyed them exactly like that. There are some lovely photos showing… Read more