The Chain Gang Plans For 2016

OK, Let’s Talk About 2016.


Christmas is just round the corner, and here in the northern hemisphere, as Allyson Harrison recently reminded us on Facebook, the days are about to start getting longer.  Which hopefully turns people’s thoughts towards sunshine and cycling.


Vineyards in AlsaceWe’ve got a new tour next year, in Alsace.  The details will soon be on the website. It’s a fascinating and beautiful region, with a fantastic wine-making history, so get planning. 

We have three dates planned for 2016, but one of them is already full.  The remaining dates are June 18th – 25th and September 10th – 17th.

As soon as all the details are on the website, I’ll let you know. (Click this photo to see how beautiful Alsace is).


Adieu, Paris.

The Statue of Liberty - Parisian version (one of them)

The Statue of Liberty – Parisian version (one of them)

I’ve finally thrown in the towel on behalf of our Paris tour – sad face. 

It’s a crying shame.  We had such a brilliant week, 10 of us, a couple of years ago, but it seems there just aren’t enough people interested in cycling around Paris.  So, adieu Paris.  Fond farewell, etc. 

How could I have got it so wrong? Go cycling in Paris, it’s brilliant. Remember to report back.


Hello Everywhere Else!

(c) 2015 Patrick Hudgell Photography

(c) 2015 Patrick Hudgell Photography

But, elsewhere in France, Italy and England, we ride on! So, whether you’re interested in a guided group tour, or a self-guided tour, remember to keep training (Andrew on the right shows you how), have a look at our schedule, and join us in 2016.


Anyway, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all.




3 thoughts on “The Chain Gang Plans For 2016

  1. Basil Lindsey

    Hi Bernard
    Happy Christmas to you too!! Hope all is well with you and yours. Unfortunately I have suffered a minor stroke which has left me partially sighted and unable to cycle – but I still have my bike!!
    Keep up the good work and the blogs flowing.
    Basil – hope you remember me (Burgundy; Loire; Dordogne – happy memories)

    1. Bernard Dugdale Post author

      Basil, how could I forget you? The man who ran from Land’s End to John O’Groats! I remember our trip around Dordogne with great fondness. Do you remember the vegetarian lady who kept ordering the foie gras? Goodness knows where she thought it came from.

      Sorry to hear about your stroke, but if you’re still cycling I must dig out a Chain Gang jersey. Without being rude, what size would that be? (I’ve grown rather a lot!)



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