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Why Wine Is More Interesting In The Languedoc

Vineyards and wines In The Languedoc.     Languedoc-Rousillon is a huge wine-producing region. The weather is perfect for growing grapes, and the Languedoc, until recently, had a reputation for producing vast lakes of ‘OK’ French plonk, under a series of Vins de Pays labels such as Herault, Rousillon, Corbieres L’Aude.       Recently… Read more

Brexit Here We Come!

I can’t really not mention it, can I? This isn’t a post devoted to how we should have voted Remain (David and Steve). More ‘whither The Chain Gang after Brexit?’ God knows, is the short answer. It’s January 2020, it looks certain that the UK is leaving the EU, and the dice will fall where… Read more