The Chain Gang Goes On Facebook

          I’ve looked hard at this whole issue of ‘social media’. My web marketing company, as you can imagine, are always banging on “Are you on Twitter?”, “How are you using Facebook?”, “Write a blog posting, then put it on Facebook and get people to ‘Like’ it”, etc. In truth, their… Read more

The Chain Gang In TIME Magazine

We’ve managed to get a review of our Truffle tours ( into TIME magazine, courtesy of journalist Simon Horsfield. I am thrilled to bits, as you can imagine. TIME sells 3,500,000 copies every week, and it makes me very proud to think we’ve managed to get a little mention. Here’s what Simon wrote: Last December,… Read more

A Fantastic Video Of France

A French friend of mine recently sent me a link to a fabulous video. It’s supposedly a flying race and the pilot narrates to his navigator as they fly around France from checkpoint to checkpoint. Forget that boring description, (and the cheesy first 60 seconds) just click here and enjoy it , it’s worth it…. Read more

Feedback – Results!

Last November I asked our customers and others to answer a few questions about our company and our bike tours. I find the whole issue of ‘Feedback’ fascinating. We all agree that we need constructive criticism to get better, and to see ourselves as others see us. But when we ask for constructive criticism, and… Read more

The Chain Gang in 2011

We’re all ready   We’ve made changes to our Devon tour, and our Bordeaux Winetrail tour. One because it was slightly too difficult, and the other because one of the hotels had become frankly sub-standard. Some of you will be pleased to read that, and I particularly thank David in Israel as well as our… Read more


I received a sobering message yesterday from one of the Chain Gang’s loveliest customers, Marjorie Trundle. “Are you still alive?” was the basic jist of it, because I’ve been so lazy with blog updates and newsletters. It’s a fair criticism, and one I intend to address. Months ago I set a competition about knowing where… Read more