What to think of our anti-doping authorities?

Catching up with cycling news from the end of 2008 ( CyclingNews – great website with all the news of the professional race scene), I saw that Floyd Landis was planning to pursue legal proceedings in the USA. Having won the Tour de France in 2006, he was eventually stripped of his Yellow Jersey and… Read more

The Tour de France and the Dreyfus Affair.

Every year I look forward to the Tour de France as one of my highlights of the sporting year. I was fascinated recently to learn about the links between the Tour de France and the notorious Dreyfus affair of late 19th Century France. Dreyfus was a Captain in the French artillery who was imprisoned for… Read more

Click, Click, Click

Back in the Eighties there was a fabulous animated version of The Wind In The Willows, featuring David Jason as Toad. I bought quite a few sets as gifts for children and adults, I thought they were hilarious. I’ve no idea where any of them are now, and as they were all on VHS I… Read more

Swimming in Dijon

A few weeks ago we had an incident in Dijon with a very funny ending. I hope Sasha will forgive me, as he’s the butt of the joke, but he’s such a nice bloke I think we’ll be OK. They’ve tried hard to make the centre of Dijon an attractive, pedestrian area. And it works… Read more