The Chain Gang in Burgundy

A Great Photo Collection From Burgundy, by Sinclair Shuit. Earlier in April I was delighted to stumble across a collection of photos that I’d forgotten about, taken by Sinclair Shuit in Burgundy in 2013. I think this is a great collection of photos, for two reasons. Firstly, Sinclair took a lot of photos of the… Read more

The Chain Gang’s 2016 Season Approaches

It’s the the end of March, 2 months before our new season. 1. New Jerseys I’ve spent this afternoon trying to finalise the design of our 2016 Chain Gang cycling jersey. It’s always a special feeling when I’m with Chain Gang tours to see people wearing our different designs from previous years. OK, there have… Read more

Say “Cheese”

Learning about cheese. From the very beginning! When I first dreamed up The Chain Gang I drove around France for a few weeks trying to decide which region was the most interesting. I visited La Rochelle, then drove 40 Km down the coast to Rochefort. At the Office du Tourisme I asked about their world-famous… Read more

My Favourite Cathedral – Strasbourg.

The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Strasbourg. Look, no roads! Cycling into Strasbourg is a very pleasant surprise. It’s a major city, home to the European Parliamant for one week a month, and France’s leading Univeristy, the École nationale d’administration. But we can cycle right into the heart of Strasbourg without meeting a road, let… Read more