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The Dordogne Itinerary

Day 2

Beynac - Previous Owners Include Richard The Lionheart

A catapault at Castlnaud with Beynac in the background, DordogneTime to get on your bike. Today we follow the Vézère to Limeuil where it meets the Dordogne. Limeuil is a beautiful bastide town, and where the rivers meet is a great place for a swim.

This morning we can visit the Goufrre de Proumeyssac. This cave was uninhabited, and lies up a pretty impressive hill. Not everybody visits, but everybody should.

In the afternoon we follow the Dordogne along quiet roads and pass the Châteaux of Beynac and Castelnaud facing each other across the Dordogne. Fans of Josephine Baker can visit her old home at the Château des Milandes.

We finish the day at Beynac, a picturesque village beside the Dordogne dominated by its castle set on a cliff 500 feet above. The castle was once the seat of a certain Richard The Lionheart and is well worth a look. You can reach it by an absurdly steep path called the Basketmakers path - but not very quickly, and I dare say not very often if you can help it.

At the top, though, there is the chance to see the biggest keys you're ever likely to see.

At the Hostellerie Maleville you can meet the Maleville family. The food here is very traditional - a superb introduction - and you'll have the chance to admire Madame's extraordinary Beehive hairdo.

Click this link for Day 2 route map on mapometer.

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