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The Dordogne Itinerary

Day 1 - Saturday

Arriving in the Dordogne

Why not, Dordogne, ©2004 Simon MossHowever you decide to travel, we arrive in the Dordogne at Les Eyzies on Saturday evening. We stay at Le Moulin de la Beune, one of the highlights of our entire tour programme where Goerge Soulié specialises in gourmet food from the region. This delightful hotel sits on the banks of the river Beune just upstream from where the Beune joins the Vézère, and the Soulié family really look after us.

Les Eyzies is a small village of 900 people, but it styles itself the Capital of Prehistory - and with some justification.

As well as the National Museum of Prehistory, Les Eyzies boasts the settlement of Cro Magnon, where the first example of homo sapiens, or thinking man, was discovered. Nearby is the oldest sculpture in the world, a 20,000 year-old fish at the Abri de Poisson, and the Font de Gaume, site of some of the most important cave-paintings in the world.

The paintings of Bison and Deer at Font de Gaume are the only polychromatic paintings still open to the public anywhere in the world, and visits are strictly limited. Thanks to Mme Soulié we can visit if we want to, and I recommend that you do. Locals believe they will close these caves soon, so it is a special honour to be able to visit.

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