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Languedoc Itinerary

Day 2

Languedoc Itinerary Day 2

We begin in Villeneuve Les Avignon, at Hotel Les Cedres. Today we're headed for Arles. Arles is the gateway to the Carmargue region, the delta of the Rhone river, and we'll be following the Rhone for much of our ride today. 
There are some great cycle paths, and we'll follow one of them downstream to visit the amazing troglodyte abbey of St Romain in Beaucaire. Here we'll cross the river, in sight of the castles of Tarascon and Beaucaire, and cyle through farmland into Arles.
Arles is well-known for its links to Vincent Van Gogh. He spent two eventful years here, cutting off his own ear and ending up in the asylum in St Remy, but also painting such famous pictures as The Yellow House, Starry Night Over The Rhone and the Langlois Bridge at Arles.
But Arles also boasts a brilliant market, full of traditional French foods, fruit and vegetables, and spices. There is a Roman arena, still used to this day for bull fighting, as well as a Roman theatre.
Distance: 37 miles / 60 Km
Click this link for Day 2 route map on mapometer.

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