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Languedoc Itinerary

Day 7

Languedoc Itinerary Day 7

The start point of the Aqueduct de Nimes is right here in Uzes, so we'll start our day with a quick visit to the source of this 50 Km aqueduct. We can visit the Haribo musuem and factory on our way (it's just a bit of fun, and you get free sweets!), but the main event today is the Pont du Gard, the most spectacular feature along the route of the aqueduct.
Wary of hyperbole, I honestly think you can't over-state the splendour of this Roman aqueduct. It's huge, and in spectacular condition. Originally constructed in the 1st century AD, it was built as part of a 50 Km water course to take water to Nimes as the city outgrew it's natural spring (as we discovered yesterday!).
It hasn't naturally stayed in this condition, it's been restored in projects dating back to the 18th Century, including major renovations undertaken by the state which included closing the aqueduct to traffic in 2000. 
We'll have lunch under the Pont du Gard, then follow the river downhill, crossing at Remoulins. Then we're on tiny back roads until we meet the banks of the River Rhone at Aramon. Then we follow a cycle path all the way along the Rhone into Villeneuve les Avignon, and return to the Hotel Les Cedres.
Distance: 31 miles / 50 Km
Click this link for Day 7 route map on mapometer.

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