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Provence Itinerary

Day 6

Into The Lubéron!

Rousillon, ProvenceToday we'll show you my secret road out of St Rémy, following the spectacular silhouette of the Alpilles as far as Eygalieres, then through Cavaillon to the Lubéron Hills. This was the region where Peter Mayle set his 'Year in Provence, and although it's inevitably a bit hilly, we'll cycle through the classic Provencale villages of Robion, Maubec and Ménérbes. The highlight is the tiny village of Oppede le Vieux.

The Lubéron are the reason many people visit Provence. They don't have the same needle-sharp profile of the Alpilles, but if anything they're more beautiful and much higher. Don't worry, we 'flirt' with the Lubéron more than anything else - this afternoon is hilly, but it could be a lot worse as we cycle through forests and sleepy villages to Rousillon where we spend tonight.

Rousillon is famous for its ochre cliffs, but also for its amazing panoramic views. For me, you can keep the cliffs, but the views are among my favourite on any Chain Gang tour. It's a long climb into Rousillon, so that cold beer gazing over the Lubéron is very well-earned.

Click this link for Day 6 route map on mapometer.

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