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Provence Tour Dates

Book onto our Provence bike tour in France, and we'll deliver a cycling holiday to remember.

We cycle through stunning countryside, in great company, exploring the best of the history and culture of the region.  And we pay a lot of attention to the best food and wine available!

Start Date End Date Time Until Tour Starts Availability
Sat 02-Jun-2018 Sat 09-Jun-2018 Tour Ended Yes, book now
Sat 16-Jun-2018 Sat 23-Jun-2018 Tour Ended Yes, book now
Sat 18-Aug-2018 Sat 25-Aug-2018 Tour Ended Yes, book now
Sat 22-Sep-2018 Sat 29-Sep-2018 Tour Ended Yes, book now

Self-guided tours start any day from May 1st to September 20th.  'Start Date' is the day of arrival, and the first day of cycling is the following morning.

Click here to book tour.

More About Your Bike Tour In France, Italy and the UK

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