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The Languedoc in the south of France, is a fantastic and beautiful region of France. Historically (i.e. before bulldozers and explosives) Languedoc was much less well-connected to France than Provence. So while Provence has become overrun by us (tourists and visitors!), Languedoc hasn't.
They produce fabulous wines, and the whole region is a giant natural garden. The cuisine ranges from seafood, lots of beautiful seafood, to traditional charcuterie, an amazing range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs and local olive oils.   
Our tour will take us to the extraordinary landscape of the Camargue. We'll see flamingoes, wild horses and cattle. We'll see huge salt pans and explore the production of Fleur de Sel, France's favourite (and most expensive!) salt. We'll visit a vineyard planted purely on sand, and the Perrier water source.
We'll spend two nights in Aigues Mortes, the embarkation point for the crusades, and the most amazing walled, fortified, medieval town.  We'll visit Roman theatres and Arenas in Nimes, Arles, and Orange. We'll visit the stunning Roman aqueduct of Pont du Gard, and here's something that might surprise you. Bull fighting is hugely popular in this part of France. They have bull rings across the region, and in Nimes and Arles the Roman arenas are still used - that is an amazing site. They use bulls from the Camargue. We'll see them in the wild, we'll taste the meat at a special farm, and we'll explore this culture which, frankly, is kept a little bit hidden from tourists.
Oh, and the cycling is great. Mostly flat, but with two days of gentle hills. 

Trip details

A fairly flat tour, with some modest hills at the end of the week. We start and finish in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, next to Avignon. 8 Days / 7 Nights.

Tour dates

We had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed the experience of French food and customs.

Andrea Skorenki, Canada

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