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Normandy Cycling Holidays

Guillaume The Conquérant, the Normandy Beaches and food.

Our Normandy cycling tour starts in Falaise, birthplace of William The (lucky) Conqueror.  In Caen we’ll see William’s castle and the beautiful Abbeys that survived the bombing of WWII, and in Bayeux we’ll visit the famous tapestry.

On our way to Caen we’ll spend time at the Pegasus Memorial, the start of Operation Overlord.  We’ll visit the beaches and memorials of the Canada Centre, the US cemetery at Coleville-sur-Mer and the spectacular remains of the Mulberry harbour at Arromanches.

All this plus the famous Norman cheeses, cider and calvados (and delicious, disgraceful creamy sauces) of the Val d’Auge.

Trip details

A relatively flat tour; we start in Falaise and finish in Carentan; 8 days / 7 nights

Tour dates

Our guide led us expertly on each day's ride of 30 miles or so, selecting quiet roads and tasty lunch stops and, at the end of every afternoon, a comfortable hotel with a menu to do justice to the region's rich gastronomy. He carried a repair outfit, a first aid kit and a sense of humour, which coped with almost every eventuality.

Michael J Woods, The Financial Times

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