Our New Provence Tour – a photo gallery with a difference.

What’s different?
All the photos are professional shots, not my usual point-and-click rubbish. Some of them are beautiful. When we’d finished plotting and planning the revisions to our new tour in Provence, I asked the local Office du Torisme for help with photos. And they came up trumps.

I’ve re-sized the photos and placed them in a gallery on Flickr. Have a look, there are some lovely photos.

I’ve chosen four of them as an illustration, so please read on, and you can click on any image to enlarge it.

1. The Abbey of Sénanque.

Abbaye de Sénanque 1  © HOCQUEL Alain - Vaucluse Provence

Abbaye de Sénanque 1 © HOCQUEL Alain – Vaucluse Provence

Perhaps the most iconic view in the whole of the Lubéron. I’ve blogged about the Abbey elsewhere, and you can find out much more about it here

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Cistercian abbeys in particular, I’m sure why, but there are several photos of the abbey on the Flickr gallery.


2. Lavender

Field of Lavender © HOCQUEL Alain - Vaucluse Provence

Field of Lavender © HOCQUEL Alain – Vaucluse Provence

From mid-June to August, the lavender of the Lubéron is in bloom. There is just something about that shade of blue, it seems to me, that does something for us. I never get tired of seeing it.

As you can imagine, it’s such a famous feature of Provence, particularly of the Lubéron National park, photographers go to town on the lavender. There are quite a few shots of lavender in the Flickr album, and I chose this one basically because I like the trees!


3. Olives, and Olive oil.

Olives ready to Harvest © HOCQUEL Alain - Vaucluse Provence

Olives ready to Harvest © HOCQUEL Alain – Vaucluse Provence

Like the lavender, I’ve always thought there is something about the slightly silvery shade of green that just makes olive trees attractive to the human eye. Of course I might be talking absolute bollocks, but that’s the way it’s always seemed to me.

Also like the lavender, the olive groves of Provence are a big deal in the local culture and economy, which means there are lots of beautiful photos. I’ve chosen photos of olives, olive trees, the olive harvest, pressing the olives, and the collection of the pressed oil. There could almost be an album dedicated just to olives. Well-worth a look, and if you want to read more about how olives figure in our new tour, click this link.


4. The Beautiful Village of Gordes.

View of Gordes © HOCQUEL Alain - Vaucluse Provence

View of Gordes © HOCQUEL Alain – Vaucluse Provence

Gordes is one of the more famous villages in the Lubéron National Park. It lies within the AOC Ventoux wine region, and is a centre for olive and other agricultural produce – so it’s no great surprise to find a thriving market each Tuesday morning that we’ll be able to visit.

Once you’re in Gordes, it’s a very pretty village, but from a distance it’s spectacular. You’ll find a few pictures of Gordes in the Flickr album, and it also serves as the gateway to the Abbey de Sénanque.

I hope you liked my choice of photos, but they’re merely a personal choice, and there are about 50 more beautiful shots that you can see by clicking this link.

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