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Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting Holiday

Food is a central theme to any Chain Gang cycling holiday.  Every holiday company says that, and in my view its mostly lip-service.  Wherever we can we try to explore regional specialities and the very best of local cuisine.  I hope no-one works harder than The Chain Gang to make sure that ALL our cyclists are offered the best of local food, regardless of whether it contains meat, dairy products, nuts, wheat or whatever.

In the Dordogne, we eat lots of foie gras, local mushrooms, goose and duck. In Provence, we enjoy fresh food rich in local olive oil and herbs.  Burgundy boasts perhaps the best food of any of our French tours, with classic dishes like escargot, boeuf bourguignonne and coq-au-vin, as well as less well-known local classics like jambon perseille and eggs poached in red wines.

The desserts and sweets on offer in all regions of France and Italy we visit are nothing short of exquisite - especially if you've a sweet tooth.

The French still treat vegetarians poorly, and although they are familiar with and accommodating of food allergies, they will often offer unimaginative choices. But not with The Chain Gang, because we won't tolerate it.  In Italy and the UK, there are more exciting vegetarian options - we still fight hard, but we're fighting with the restaurants, not against them!

One of your tour guide's most important jobs is to make sure that the chefs look after you, and that means not only the best of the regional traditions, but also the best of what's freshly prepared and available on the day.


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