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We go to a lot of trouble to choose our hotels. We stay in mostly 3*** hotels, and occasionally (in France) in 2** hotels if I particularly like the hotel or the owners. Stars work differently in France; if a family-owned hotel won't have 24-hour staff, they stay at 2**.

I have personally chosen every hotel we stay in, and a Chain Gang guide accompanies every group, so we really can't afford to arrive at hotels and have our customers dissatisfied.

In every case, these are hotels that we've worked with for years, and that makes a huge difference. We're staying with old friends, so we're always assured a warm welcome, but just as important, if any Chain Gangers need anything, our hotel owners will bend over backwards to help.

Hotel Le Glacier, Orange

Hotel Le Vinci, Amboise

Hotel Les Cymaises, Semur-en-Auxois

Hotel Les Doctrinaires, Beaucaire

Hotel Les Falaises, Gluges

Hotel San Biagio, Montepulciano

Hotel Scilla, Sovana

Hotel St Genies, Uzès

Hôtel Turenne, Colmar

Hôtel Turenne
10 Route de Bâle
68000 Colmar

Phone:+33 3 89 21 58 58

Hôtel Vaillant, Selestat

Hôtel Vaillant
Place de la République
7 Rue Ignace Spies
67600 Sélestat

Phone:+33 3 88 92 09 46

Hotel Wilson

3*** hotel in the heart of historic Dijon

Le Domaine du Lac, GUEBWILLER

Hotel Le Domaine du Lac 244, Rue de la République 68500 GUEBWILLER T : +33 3 89 76 15 00

Le Gouverneur Hotel, Obernai

Le Gouverneur Hotel
13 Rue de Sélestat,

67210 Obernai

Phone:+33 3 88 95 63 72

Le Moulin de la Beaune, Les Eyzies

Le Moulin de la Beaune, Les Eyzies

Le Moulin de la Beaune, Les Eyzies

Palazzo Brunamonti, Bevagna

Relais Il Castello, Monte Castello di Vibio

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