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The Dordogne Itinerary

Day 7

Spectacular Pre-Historic Double

The river Vézère near St Léon, Dordogne

This is the last day of our cycling holiday, so we've put in a ‘couple of hills’. Do you remember how we described Monday as ‘probably the hilliest day of the week’? Well, today is why we inserted the probably but it’ll be okay – Friday’s route is just to show you how fit you've become. Once we leave Sarlat we turn onto tiny country roads that lead to the hilltop town of Marquay and beautiful views across the Vézère and Beune valleys.

Descending to the Vézère we've arrived back in prehistory territory. We pass the Abri de Cap Blanc with its sculptures on the way to the amazing prehistoric fort at La Roque St Christophe. This village was carved out of overhanging galleries in a 900 metre limestone cliff. It was continuously inhabited from 50,000 BC until the 16th century at which point it was destroyed by the English. (Sorry everyone.)

There are records of the settlement in Roman accounts - although they never managed to capture it - and also in 16th century government record in Paris where details of the fireplaces were kept to levy 'hearth taxes'. This place is incredible - for me the most amazing site we visit all week. You can identify the church, rings cut in the roofs to hang food, and even safes and water stores.

Les Eyzies is another 5 miles, and if we haven’t been able to visit the Font de Gaume, there is the National Prehistory Museum to round off a real prehistory day.

Sadly, this is the end of our cycling holiday in the Dordogne, and we have definitely earned a beer or several sat at Le Moulin de la Beune on the banks of the Beune.

Distance = 22 miles / 35 Km

Click this link for Day 7 route map on mapometer.

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