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Devon Itinerary

Day 3

The South Hams, Salcombe and Hope Cove

Evlyn looks back over Slapton Ley, DevonStill in the South Hams today we visit Start Point with its famous light house, and aim for lunch at a famous pub in East Prawle, The Pig's Nose.

We reach the Kingsbridge estuary via a beautiful downhill stretch and take a ferry across the estuary to Salcombe.  There's something a bit unworldly about Salcombe - it's beautiful, completely devoted to sailing, and very well-to-do.  But as somebody once asked me "Don't they have any proper shops?  What do the locals do if they want a haircut or a pint of milk?"  We're visiting, not house-hunting, so enjoy one of the most stunning panoramas of the week.

Tonight we stay at Hope Cove, a delightful, hidden cove with spectacular views across Bigbury Bay to Burgh Island.

Click this link for Day 3 route map on mapometer.

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