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Languedoc Itinerary

Day 4

Languedoc Itinerary Day 4

We spend two nights in Aigues Mortes, so today is a circular ride - albeit a weird-looking circle. Our plan is to explore the Camargue, and we'll start off with a swim in the med, at the Plage de l'Espiguette. It's about 8 miles along canals and cycle paths, a perfect start to the day.
We'll have lunch in Le Grau du Roi. This is still a thriving fishing port as well as a beautiful seaside town (the Daily Telegraph listed it among the best unsung beach resorts in Europe).
After lunch, we'll visit a fascinating vineyard, where the vines are planted in sand, the Domaine Royal de Jarras. This is unique in my experience, very picturesque, but interesting too. We'll learn about the process, and of course taste their famous Vins de Sable de Carmargue.
On our way back to Aigues Mortes. we'll find out what the huge white mounds are that we've seen over the last 2 days - it's mountains of salt.  They produce 500,000 tons of salt every year in the Camargue, and the process is a fascinating one, that takes up 14,000 hectares of man-managed lagoons.
The top of the food tree here is the pink Fleur de Sel de Camargue, with its famous pink colour. In the final stages of production, you can see vast pink lakes, the colouration caused by tiny shrimp feeding on bacteria, the same shrimp that give the pink colour to Camargue's flamingos.
Even the Wall Stree Journal called the salt works at Aigues Mortes 'gorgeous'. We'll learn all about the process on a little train journey, and might even be able to hike up a giant salt dune.
The salt works are just a few hundred metres from Aigues-Mortes, so we'll cycle back to our hotel for a short, but amazing day.         
Distance: 18 miles / 29 Km
Click this link for Day 4 route map on mapometer.

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