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Champagne Itinerary

Day 5

Our Second Day in Épernay.

Today we're cycling in the Cote des Blancs, the hills to the South of Épernay where much of the white Champagne grapes are grown - that's Chardonnay to you and me.
It's a decent climb, from the village of Chouilly, cycling through fabulous vineyards for about 9Km to the village of Les-Mesnil-sur-Oger, home of Champagne Launois. We'll visit their museum, and enjoy some of the best Champagne of the region made by the 8th generation of this wine-making family.
Champagne has a complicated history - covered elsewhere in the Chain Gang blog - that has led to a widespread division between grape growers, and their customers the champagne makers. Champagne Launois, now classified as a Grand Cru, grow their own grapes, make their own wine, and create their own Champagne.  At the risk of boring you, allowing their Chardonnay grapes to ripen longer, on their own distinctive terroir, reduces the need to add sugar at the 'dosage' stage. You'll notice the difference.
The problem is, you'll like the difference, too, and then you'll be spoiled for ordinary Champagne! 
After lunch we'll return to Épernay, visiting the Tour Castelane and the world-famous Avenue de Champagne. This afternoon we'll have time to explore Épernay, too.

Distance = 30 Km / 19 miles.


Click this link for Day 5 route map on mapometer.

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