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The Bordeaux Winetrail Itinerary

Day 3

We Hit The Ground Running - Wine Tasting with the Count

Tasting in St Emilion, BordeauxToday we enter Bordeaux wine country. We're headed for St Foy La Grand, just the other side of the Bergerac appellation, but en route we visit two very special areas within the Bergerac vineyard.

First up is Pécharment, locally styled as 'The St Emilion of Bergerac'. This appellation dates from way before Bergerac was similarly honoured, and the growers take great pride in their wines.

We'll partake in wine tasting at Château Tiregand, courtesy of Le Comte de St Exupéry (hold on, I thought they'd done away with that lot in the revolution ...).

The Comte is a lovely bloke, a great host and as well as being one of the most respected winemakers in the region, he makes wine tasting interesting and a great pleasure.

In the afternoon we continue our cycling tour through Monbazillac, home of exquisite sweet wines. These are among my favourite wines, and extremely difficult to make. The yields are tiny, and as you'll see the vignerons are justly proud of their wines. Dominique Vidal, of Chateau Fonmourges where we'll partake in wine tasting this afternoon, is a specialist with an encyclopeadic knowledge of his subject.

We end the day in St Foy, one of the best preserved Bastides in France. En route we pass through Bergerac, with a beautiful 'old town' and a rich history.

Click this link for Day 3 route map on mapometer.

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