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Burgundy Itinerary

Day 3

In the Middle of Nowhere at the Canal du Bourgogne

Lockeeper cottage, Canal de Bourgogne, BurgundyDownhill, and back to the canal at Marigny le Cahouët. The Canal de Bourgogne has been described (who by?) as the most beautiful route in France, and it's certainly a great trick for tackling hills.

The quality of the towpath varies on this section, so we'll be forced onto the road on occasion, but this is no great hardship as we pass through delightful villages like Braux and St Thibault. At Pouilly-en-Auxois the canal reaches its summit, the highest point on the canal, and by the time we get there you'll know you've been cycling uphill. Just think how bad it would have been without a canal!

At Pouilly the canal disappears into a tunnel, and we continue our cycling tour over the top of the hill and down the other side to the delightful village of Chateauneuf. 

Whenever I arrive in Chateauneuf I remember David from Tel Aviv, who said to me as we panted up the hill "I always thought Loubressac was the most beautiful village in France. Now I see that it is Chateauneuf". And he's right.



Click this link for Day 3 route map on mapometer.

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