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Burgundy Itinerary

Day 4

All Downhill to Dijon - Very Nearly

Pete guiding by the Canal de Bourgogne, BurgundyReturning to our favourite canal we can reflect that having passed the summit point it must be all downhill to Dijon. Our route now follows the canal and a cycle path through beautiful forests all the way into Dijon. Today we cycle past more than 50 locks, cycling through delightful canal-side villages and restaurants on our way to Dijon.

Tonight we stay at the Hotel Wilson. Dijon is a fascinating place. Historically Dijon was the home of Burgundy 's aristocracy. Anxious to be within the protection offered by the city walls, they were forced to buy existing plots of land and buildings to build their townhouses, which has led to the fascinating juxtaposition of grand town houses shoe-horned into strangely shaped plots alongside the housing and shops of ordinary Dijonais.

The centre of it all is the Duke's palace, now the town hall, and also housing the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Click this link for Day 4 route map on mapometer.

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