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Alsace Itinerary

Day 4

Obernai to Strasbourg

Today we follow an old Roman road and our old friend the route-des-vins as far as Alvosheim where we meet the Canal de la Bruche.  We can follow a cycle path along the Canal de la Bruche all the way into the centre of Strasbourg. One of the finest bike paths I've ever seen.

Strasbourg is a beautiful City, and at its heart the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, at the time of writing my No. 1 favourite cathedral.  It is huge, and here’s a great piece of trivia – by 1647 The Great Pyramid had eroded enough so that Strasbourg Cathedral became the tallest building in the world for more than 2 centuries, and remains the 6th tallest church in the world.  What this really means is that when you see it, you’ll say what I said: “Wow!”.

We stay close to the Cathedral in the Hotel Dragon, and believe it or not we cycle right into the centre of Strasbourg without going on a road.

Distance =  44 Km / 27 miles

Click this link for Day 4 route map on mapometer.

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