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Alsace Itinerary

Day 5

Strasbourg to Séléstat

We’ll start with a morning visit to the Cathedral, and then we’ll cycle into Germany.

These days there simply is no border between France and Germany, we’ll pass the European Parliament and cross the Rhine into Germany without let or hindrance – it’s rather lovely.  We’ll follow a bike path up the River Rhine and cross back into France to follow the Canal du Rhône au Rhin which links the Mediterranean with the North Sea.

We end our day in Séléstat, home to the world’s most famous Humanist library.  Here’s a strange fact – books printed (not hand-written) before 1501 are known as Incunables, and the Humanist Library of Sélestat boasts more than 500 of them among a collection that includes books dating back to the 7th Century.  Nothing special happened to printing in 1501, it’s an arbitrary date, which I think makes it a little bit cooler.

Tonight we’ll rest our bones at the Hotel Vaillant.

Distance =  / 44 miles

Click this link for Day 5 route map on mapometer.

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