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Tuscany Itinerary

Day 5

Deep in the Tuscan Countryside

L-R, David, Gerard, Barry, Louise and Andy in Buonconvento, Tuscany. © 2012, Chris YatesWe leave Siena by a similarly crafty route, and today we're cycling through the green and tranquil countryside of le Crete.


This region is characterised by rolling hills, much less severe than we've been used to, and an unending blanket of vivid green. Our destination is Asciano where we'll stay at the Hotel Il Bersagliere.

This quiet little town perfectly sums up this part of Italy. Once ruled by the Scialenghi counts, it was captured by Siena which then destroyed its fortress. It was then taken by Florence, before being taken once more by Siena.

Luckily things have calmed down considerably over the last 700 years.

Click this link for Day 5 route map on mapometer.

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