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Tuscany Itinerary

Day 7

Our Final Wine Tasting - Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Leaving Pienza, Tuscany. © 2012, Chris YatesAnother difficult but spectacular day. From Montalcino a relatively easy hop to the Abbey at Saint Antimo, where tarragon was first introduced into Europe by French monks.

The least we can do is stop by to say thank you.

We then visit Pienza, said to be the most perfectly-proportioned town in Tuscany, before our final destination, Montepulciano, the 'other' famous wine town and home to the 'Vin Nobile'.

We'll be introduced to these rich red wines by Elena Falvo at Avignonesi - one of the legends of Tuscan wine, the most prestigious estate we'll visit this week, and a real treat.

Tonight we stay at the Hotel Il Marzocco, inside the old city walls.

Click this link for Day 7 route map on mapometer.

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