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We have just returned from a brilliant holiday in the Dordogne with the Chain Gang. I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know what a fabulous time we had and how great Pete was to have alongside us. He is the perfect combination of mechanic, butler and court jester. You can tell him that!

I have no doubt that we will join a tour next summer too. Possibly in Provence next time.

Finally, I wondered if you could tell us what bikes we were riding? We have decided to buy ones as similar as possible as they were so good

Great week in the Dordogne, great bikes. Lyndsay Parker, UK

Great group of people that became friends as the week bore on.

Roger Zanitsch, USA

We ate good food, drank good wines and saw sumptuous renaissance architecture every day. 

Kirsten Denker, London Cyclist

Our guide led us expertly on each day's ride of 30 miles or so, selecting quiet roads and tasty lunch stops and, at the end of every afternoon, a comfortable hotel with a menu to do justice to the region's rich gastronomy. He carried a repair outfit, a first aid kit and a sense of humour, which coped with almost every eventuality.

Michael J Woods, The Financial Times

We had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed the experience of French food and customs.

Andrea Skorenki, Canada

The Chain Gang holidays are great because they combine for me everything I enjoy – cycling in the fresh air in new countryside, traveling abroad and really seeing the country and its people in places that tourists don’t always get to.

Glenys Ockwell, UK

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